Have mask, will definitely travel.


maskThere seems to be a steadily-increasing amount of evidence to the effect that face-coverings reduce the spread of the plague. A combination of mask-wearing, hand-washing and staying outdoors – or at least in very well-ventilated spaces – looks likely to enable a lot of us to live lives that are, if not back to the way we lived pre-March, better than the way many of us have been existing for the last few months.

Us kinky types have generally been fond enough of mask-wearing for a variety of reasons. Gasmasks are a kink all on their own for quite a few perves, and domino eye-masks, whether plain or elaborately decorated, are a common trope in erotic media. The last advertised BBB (which wasn’t able to go ahead in the end) had a Mad Max/apocalypse theme and mask-wearing was being encouraged even then. The first volume of Rule 34 contained a story about masks, and the wearing of a domino mask was a moderately important plot point in parts of my own Black Heart novel.mask

Of course, those disposable plasticized paper things are uncomfortable and, TBH, a bit uncool (unless you have a medical kink, in which case enjoy to the max). If you’re going to wear those, FFS put them in a bin when you’re done with them, by the way: they make profoundly unattractive litter. But there’s no reason why you can’t be socially responsible and stylish with it. Sorry sorry sorry, was overcome with a sudden attack of Wannabe Fashion Influencer for a minute there.  Masks are likely to be a hot new accessory, or at least a price worth paying to be able to go out and about, for at least the next couple of seasons. Indulge your inner cowboy with a simple bandanna, or sew something in a favourite fabric… or dig out your super gimp latex hood if you fancy it. I have a couple made by a friend, plus assorted scarves, and I’m just about to bag one from fellow trader Jed Phoenix for when I want to be impressive.


To order yourself one of Jed’s pinstripe masks go to Etsy.

There’s a kink-inspired design too, and a leather one. And a punk one…





If you’d rather stay home and read a book, I can help you with that, as well.

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