Feels like a real comeback…

#naughtybooks comeback

comebackYes, there’s still uncertainty and yes, a lot of things are being announced with ‘this may change depending on government guidance/infection rates/circumstances’, but there is a feeling of real comeback going around. Keep an eye on my profiles on Twitter (@dirtysexyworld) and even Insta (zakjanekeirdsw) for frequent updates on where I’m heading and when with my bag of books: Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and a few other places all look likely over the next couple of months.

(While it’s less of a comeback given that neither of them really went away, I was certainly impressed by Jagger and Grohl’s Easy Sleazy, which gets my vote for anthem of the summer, though that is a touch off-topic I suppose..)

The last time I considered myself as making a comeback was the back end of 2012, though things only really picked up in 2013. This was the post-50-Shades erotica frenzy, when there seemed to be outlets for kinky fiction popping up everywhere. Having previously considered myself a bit past all that, I discovered that a lot of the changes that had taken place while I was busy elsewhere were definitely for the better, and dived happily back in.

#naughtybooks comebackThe past year has involved a lot of changes and a lot of challenges for nearly all of us, some less survivable than others. One aspect of a comeback involves showing your new direction, and there’s a bit of that about. Plenty of my fellow kink traders have come up with new lines during the hard times, and new methods of reaching potential customers. Hybrid and fusion working practices – and events – seem quite likely, or at least something we can reasonably hope for and work for. As ever, though, we’ll be needing to keep a careful eye on the unrighteous and what they might have in mind. UK readers, you have an opportunity to use your vote this week, so try to take it. Some things could do with making a comeback and others we have definitely had enough of.

(Other sources of info would be Fetlife, if you use it, or the LAM Livestreams on Youtube.)

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