Forward into 2021?


2021We have no option but to keep moving forward, that much is true. As to looking back on what must be the strangest year of most of our lives, it’s probably worth doing that so we don’t forget the stuff we need to remember. For instance, we in the UK were in trouble before the virus happened. And when it did strike, we had to tackle it with a health service pretty much crippled by a decade of underfunding, and a substantial number of the public in poor mental and physical health after years of state-imposed poverty. Every time you hear some snivelling shit repeating the idea that our troubles are due to public ‘disobedience’, remember that it is mainly propaganda put out by a government more corrupt, stupid and dangerous than practically any we have ever had.
All right, I hear you, this site isn’t for politics (although…)
There are some positive things to hold on to, as ever. Some people have worked hard to adapt and keep on going, especially LAM and Liberation-FS. Many booksellers, particularly the independent ones, have been there to keep a lot of people going with doorstep deliveries and substantially-increased mail order facilities, as have plenty of kink traders and sex-toy sellers. Despite what is starting to look like an actual

intention to destroy the leisure and hospitality industries along with the majority of small businesses (or at least a complete lack of interest in supporting them from the government) most are doing their best, so support them all as much as you can. Especially if your time stuck indoors has increased your interest in sexual experimentation: buy appropriate equipment rather than using household objects. The NHS is a bit busy at the moment and doesn’t need to spend time they don’t have removing things people should not have put up their arses.
Let’s try to hang in there and keep going. If you make resolutions, maybe resolve to support those who merit it, to take the kind option rather than the ‘obedient’ one and, above all not to grass or harass or complain about people when you do not know their circumstances.


And don’t forget, books help keep you going, too… Though I’m giving the last word to whoever put up this window display in a party-supplies shop near Richmond….

My sentiments, as well…
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