Will you #leavealighton for us?


Brexit, #leavethelighton#Brexiteve then. My plans for tomorrow night, frankly, involve going to watch a comedy hair metal band with a dear friend: the prospect of being randomly out on the streets is a little too unnerving. And staying home obsessively refreshing Twitter doesn’t look like too helpful an option either – if it doesn’t overload or something, most of anyone’s feed is going to be either infuriating or filled with unbearable sadness.

(Yes, this site is about sexy books, I haven’t forgotten, and I still stand by this post, written three years ago, about being a sex writer in a world of terror and despair.)

Keeping an eye on the news yesterday was bad enough – the appalling contrast between the spontaneous singing of Auld Lang Syne and Farage making an obnoxious fuckwit of himself was particularly hard to take.)

OK, it’s probable that nothing that dramatic will happen in the next few days, at least not to those of us who don’t look visibly un-English… but the bullies and england, UK, #leavealightonthe bigots have been feeling increasingly ‘safe’ to show their true colours since the original referendum. While the majority probably aren’t up to much more than shitposting online, it’s understandable that people are anxious, if not outright scared.

Will this fucking mess, for instance, bring about the end of the United Kingdom in short order? Scotland had a Remain majority right from the beginning, and the #leavealighton thing is frequently posted as #leavealightonforScotland. The Scots may well decide to get out of the Union and back to the EU as soon as they can.

And what do our current leaders intend for those of us outside the vanilla hetero ‘respectable’ sexual class? They may at some point decide to have another go at ‘extreme porn’: there has been a whiff or two of ‘Decent Englishpeople versus those filthy uninhibited continentals’ around anti-porn campaigning in the past. Though most of the current cabinet are more interested in lining their pockets than policing everyone’s bedrooms, alternative sexualities have always been a handy way of scapegoating certain groups in order to increase power and control over the rest of the general public.

I plan to #leavealighton tomorrow, though. A light in the window has always been an indicator of hope, comfort, love and solidarity. Let’s hold on to those while we can.



And in case you thought I’d got all the way through without plugging the sort-of-Brexit erotica book… you can download it for 99p

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