How’s your VD (Valentine’s Day)?


First of all, if you’re enjoying yourself and want to enjoy some more, why not check out the Shenanigans FB hop?

Having said that, I should probably be clear that my two favourite special days are Halloween and May Day, so I approach Valentine stuff from a business perspective – erotic retailers generally regard February as their second Christmas (as, of course, do florists, card shops and restaurateurs).

valentines, unromantic

I’m more likely to want to subvert it a little. Last year, for instance, I took part in a naughty Valentine spanking session for a photoshoot. I have also hosted reading slams for the occasion, which have invariably been fun.

News coverage of the day has always been a bit, well, heteronormative, though in recent years things do seem to have got a bit more inclusive, and I certainly don’t have any objections to people wanting to celebrate their love and their beloveds in a way that makes them happy. I do have fond memories of the playmate who turned up at my place the night before VD to present me with a strap-on dildo (though he wasn’t all that impressed with my giggling fit, even though I explained that I wasn’t laughing at him or his gift, and when I said that ‘most girls get flowers or chocolates’ it wasn’t a hint that I had expected him to arrive with roses and raspberry cremes… just the sheer delicious incongruity.)valentine

Such celebrations as I plan to embark on this year consist of going to the BBB on Sunday – all right, so it’s two days later, but I will have a spectacular selection of naughty books to sell, and can admit that the person most likely to get a big kiss off me will be the delivery driver who is due to show up any minute with another parcel of delights.

Enjoy the day, even if it isn’t one you care to mark. Maybe do a little nice something for yourself or someone you’re fond of, because that generally improves any day, doesn’t it?

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