My Spanking Valentine: sweet treats and smacked bums

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Valentine’s Day is one of those festivals I don’t particularly bother myself about, except from a business point of view: everyone who sells sexy, naughty or sex-related novelty-type gear knows that February is a good month to hustle, and to work out ways of shifting your spare stock. It’s a festival you’d be a mug to ignore, even if what you want to shift is novelty mugs with willies on… A few years ago I even wrote a sort of anti-Valentine story for a February-launching anthology.
This year, though, I had a fun afternoon taking part in a Valentine-themed photoshoot which involved chocolates, spanking and a flying teddy bear.
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I’ve always had a soft spot for traditional-ish spanking stuff because of the air of silliness that often pervades it. Sure, there’s a place for kink that’s dark and serious and intensely intense but, a lot of the time, I want to have a laugh when I’m playing. My old pal Peter Birch got in touch to ask me if I would help out and play the Domme in a themed shoot and it sounded like far too much fun to turn down.
The story, which is of course completely true and deeply profound and all that, is that a mature sugar mummy (yours truly) wants to spoil her bratty little sub (the lovely Fetish Vixen) with treats on Valentine’s Day – a teddy and some chocolates. Only Fetish Vixen proves greedy and ungrateful and won’t share her sweeties, so Sugar Mummy gives her a well-deserved spanking.

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If you want to see the whole shoot, you can check it out here. And I will, by the way, admit to having celebrated the day, at least after a fashion, in previous years as well. So enjoy your own chocolates, flowers, teddies or indeed spankings.

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  1. Stephanie

    Looks like a great shoot and Peter is always such good fun to work with and a great guy.
    Super set of photos. XX


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