Jubiwank: were you naughty or nice?

Image by Jhoan Cordoba from Pixabay

Definitions are going to be enormously subjective here: participation or non-participation in this weekend’s four-day Jubiwank being nicer or naughtier depending on what you did and why. Though the number of people who would actually be pooing with rage at others’ ‘disrespect’ for the Great Lizard herself is probably smaller than what a lot of the rightwing press barons would have you believe. And many of those in the GawdblessyaMa’am camp tend to be less enthusiastic about her offspring and their antics – and their associates. There was a little bit of sententiousness from some of the people who, while they have good and valid reasons for questioning the whole institution of monarchy, also have that regrettable funsponge streak that often kippers progressive causes. I gained the impression (being a nosy bastard who tends to spend too much time browsing other people’s social media) that quite a lot of the street parties and local events were much more about

Pic taken at a street party – the eyes certainly have it…

meeting your neighbours for snacks and drinks, maybe dancing about to some vintage pop after the sausage rolls had been eaten (and in my case, assisting my kid to enter the street Talent Contest by channelling the real spirit of 77 and, rather to our surprise, not being bottled offstage after the first verse).

When doing the social media bits in the run up to yesterday’s LAM i was wondering if there were any particularly appropriate books to promote, but there doesn’t seem to be all that much royal-themed porn around. Romance and some erotic romance quite often features princes and princesses, at least, but erotica less so. Perhaps I should have hunted up more stuff that features queening… This isn’t to say that someone, somewhere, doesn’t get happily sticky over fantasies of the Windsor parasites doing stuff because, you know, everything does it for somebody. And I should probably know.

Now we’ve had our extra day off and it’s back to business as sort-of-usual, perhaps we can be a little cheered about the fact that Fucko the Clown hasn’t been completely rubbished by his own gangsters. Because this way, the chances of getting rid of the entire Government actually improve, rather than having him replaced by someone a bit smarter and a lot more dangerous.



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