New Release: Erato Flash Fiction

Erato Flash Fiction

One of the more common criticisms of erotic fiction, usually coming from people who don’t read it, is that the stories are all the same. While this isn’t too much of a cause for concern due to the fact that almost every genre of fiction has its tropes and, for many enthusiasts, the fact that you have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to get is part of the appeal, there’s plenty of room for more variety.

(At this point it’s worth mentioning that you will certainly find a very wide range of story topics and characters in the Anthologies section of the bookshop…)

Erato Flash FictionA relatively recent arrival on the scene is the New Smut Project, which specialises in diverse, literary erotica and if the rest of their stuff is as good as Erato, you should seriously check them out. 

Erato consists of 50 different flash fiction stories by different authors: some well-established names and some lesser-known ones. Cishet protagonists are in the minority, which is refreshing, and the mix of contemporary, speculative, historical and just thoroughly strange themes included here are likely to give any reader stuff to think about, stuff to linger over and, of course, stuff to inspire a spot of self-care and/or erotic interaction with available and willing playmates.

BlurbErato Flash Fiction

Erato: Flash Fiction: An anthology of sensual stories that engage readers’ minds, stimulate the senses, and make pulses race–that swiftly beguile us and offer rapid satisfaction, but will also leave us thinking about them days, or years, afterward.

Editors: Alex Freeman, Guinevere Chase and TC Mill

You can get your soon-to-be-sticky paws on a copy in either digital or print format from the sources listed on the New Smut Project’s Tumblr bookshop. You will also, with any luck, shortly be able to get print copies from Dirty Sexy Words as well – and copies of their other collections, Heart Body Soul and Between The Shores.


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