New Release: or rather re-releases


Rule 34, erotica, re-release, anthologyTwo re-releases, in fact… First is Rule 34, which was originally published by (now closed) indie outfit Sexy Little Pages. It’s now been reissued in its entirety by Sincyr Publishing, with a shiny new cover but the same wonderful mix of stories – dentists, photocopiers, church bells and more. Including a story about tripe. So if you didn’t grab it the first time round, now’s the time to do so. It’s probably my favourite so far of all the anthologies I have edited or compiled, for its sheer batshit wierdness and, if you have ever believed that erotica is ‘all the same’ you should sample some of the stuff in here, as it will completely disabuse you of the notion.

Rule 34.

If you’re a regular reader, you might remember a post a couple of months ago about reviving a former novel prior to putting it out again. Thanks to Emma at Creative Cat, The Master’s Voice is now available for your delectation.

BDSM, re-release, erotica, fiction, novelHere’s the blurb:

The whole of the fetish scene is talking about the Master and his Method, but is the most alpha of alpha doms really able to take any woman he wants?

Malorie thinks he’s more sinister than safe, sane and consensual, and she’s determined to prove it. The only way to do that is to pretend she wants to belong to him, but she could be getting more than she bargained for…

A dark BDSM romance from the author of Black Heart, featuring additional short stories Hunters’ Moon, The Lucky 13th, Hands-On Research and The Taste Of Blackberries.



I will have copies of The Master’s Voice at the Manchester Author Event and hope to be getting the new Rule 34 in stock soon. If you’re not going to be at Manchester and not likely to catch me anywhere else, get your copy via the Zon. It’s a Kindle Unlimited title at the moment, too.

You might also want to check out my revamped author page.

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