Shenanigans and Sharing the Goodies

sharing goodies, sex toys, lube, erotica, event

Shenanigans, author event, sharing goodies, eroticGetting myself sorted out for another bout of Shenanigans in Wellington this weekend, I’ve been sorting out the current accumulation of loot that I have to share rather than to sell. The ETO Show provided a magnificent goody bag, and I’ve come home with a certain amount of nice things from my weekend at Eroticon, too(I’m not sharing all of those, some of that stuff is MINE, OK?)… and there’s always a few odds and ends handy to make up a box of delights.

Obviously the main intention is to sell plenty of books on Saturday – I’ll have copies of Discovery, Truth and Identity along with Black Heart (the paperback being the director’s cut version) and some of the last surviving SLP editions of Rule 34.

But there will also be raffle tickets available for a special treat, sharing the goodies or at least some of them. (I am doing Manchester again and a couple of other author gigs in the pipeline, so I need to be fair with my redistribution of fun stuff.) If you’re attending, stop by the DSW table: a strip of five raffle tickets will cost you all of a pound, but you’ll get two strips free with any book purchased.sharing goodies, sex toys, lube, erotica, event

Those of you who aren’t going to be able to make it to this or the others, I may well come up with some way of doing a giveaway or prize draw via the blog, that would be open to anyone (though international postage can be a bit fuck-my-life expensive). Or I might think about luring participants in to the new project with a sniff of free sex toys… or maybe not. Go run riot in the comments section if you have other ideas. And if you’re free on Saturday and you want to come along and play on Saturday there are still tickets available, I believe.

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