Tiptoeing into 2022


2022A whole month into a new year… so how does 2022 look so far? In the short term, at least, further mass house arrest and further harm to the event and hospitality industries – and all your favourite fetish markets and events – looks unlikely. Further attacks on human rights, idiot culture wars, the entrenching of economic inequality and random fuckery from what is probably the most dangerous government the UK has had in centuries, on the other hand…

Last year certainly had its ups and downs. On a personal level it was the worst year for losses since 2016 (glasses will be raised, often, and some names spoken repeatedly), but also on a personal level there were considerable good things – an increasing number of markets and the discovery of an additional vocation by way of a new day job.

2022There are going to be some changes to this website in a few weeks as well – all good, don’t fret. The bookshop is about to undergo a thorough revamp with considerably more stock that will be consistently available, though all the one-offs and pre-loved gems will

now just go to the various markets because they all tend to find their new loving homes so rapidly. The blog will be updated rather more regularly, with any luck.

There is going to be a new book from me some time pretty soon, though this one is a departure from what I have previously been offering, so you can all just wait and see what it’s going to cover. In the meantime, you might like to take a look at the one I managed to produce in all the mayhem of 2021, which I am rather proud of. It has some spectacular filth and a huge diversity of stories showcasing just how inventive a lot of erotica writers can be when given the chance.

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