Xxxmas Reading and Festive Fun


xxxmas For this week’s LAM Live I was talking about the range of erotica and erotic romance with a festive theme. There are definitely lots of writers who have been putting the Xs back in Xxxmas for quite a few years now, and you ought to be able to find something to suit every taste. Quite a few years ago now I wrote a festive-themed novella under another name. I thought I was being quite original and unique by telling a story which featured a Tarot card reader teaming up with a tattooed badass biker to see off a bunch of fascists trying to take over an arts and crafts market (of course they had time for sex in between the righteous culture war). However, my stuff (even the naughtier festive stories, like this one from 2017) rather pale when you consider the fact that multiple authors have written stories which feature Rudolph and many of the other reindeer as sex-crazy shapeshifters – or indeed sweetly romantic were-reindeer, if that’s more to your taste.  Though my favourite discovery this Xxxmas has to be the one about the were-partridge which, yes, gives the protagonist of the story a proper festive stuffing. At least I assume so; have yet to read the whole thing.

xxxmasThe more romantic end of the erotica/erotic romance market seems to be where you will find the largest number of specifically-seasonal titles, but there are a fair few kinkier XXXmas tales, if you know where to look. Coming Together Under the Mistletoe features, I am told, tinsel bondage and someone getting spanked with a candy cane.

I might have to think about pulling together an anthology of Christmassy kink for next year myself. Though don’t forget that I am currently looking for Scandalous stories for a book to come out some time next year.


And if you want to buy someone you like a naughty book of any kind this Christmas, the bookshop is open and I can post stuff out up until next Friday…

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