Shenanigans signing – win tickets for yourself and a friend

zak jane keirDuring the early, volatile stages of the spring of 2020, some of us were hoping Shenanigans would go ahead even as all the other dominoes were falling: unfortunately it became unfeasible to hold it, and the same was true of spring 2021. The author signings circuit was one of the many casualties of the pandemic, but at least it seems to be powering up again these days.

As some of the newer followers of this site may not, previously, have heard of author signings, let me give you a broad outline of what you might expect. An author signing is the assembling of a number of (mostly but not invariably) independently-published authors, each selling their own books from a table in, usually, a hotel banqueting suite (though I have been to such events in museums as well).

Shenanigans has a new venue this time round: the Haughton Hall Hotel in Shifnal, West Midlands, which certainly looks nice on its website, and it all happens on Saturday March 12th so just over three weeks away.

I’m planning to attend, of course, with a selection of multi-author anthologies as well as the Dicewriting book, two novels and my Brexit-themed collection Eroticise This.

Tickets are very affordable, but I have a pair to give away if someone would like them. And we might as well have a little competition to make it interesting so, ooh, let’s see – how about commenting under this post to tell me the most impressive autograph you have every obtained. It needn’t necessarily be of an author, and if the famous person who signed something for you isn’t all that famous but the obtaining of the signature involved a good story, then do share that as well.

You can, of course, always or almost always pick up books from me at the various fetish markets around the country, but why not come to Shenanigans and perhaps discover a new favourite author for yourself?

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